Call us at: 419-483-WELD to discuss your project. Whether your metal fabrication needs are small or large, we can do the work for you and deliver high quality results at a very fair price.    If we don’t think we’re the best shop for you, we’ll help you find  someone who can help you.

About our services

Generally, we do work on-site or off-site welding, cutting, installation, one-off or small production-type work, repetitive parts or one-off fabrication.

As far as welding, we can do aluminum,  stainless steel and carbon steel. Types of welding include tig, mig and stick.

We also do rigging, sand-blasting and painting from small to large-scale items.

We are state certified in pipe welding.

You can explore examples of our work, including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Rigging , SandBlasting and Miscellaneous .

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